Teodor Stojanovič - CEO & Project manager

Theodore balancing on the thin line between creation and business. His organizational and communication skills push the Molala team ahead. He seeks and realizes new business opportunities and creates ideal conditions for all members of production. He is primarily a marketing expert with a passion for digital technology. In case of contact with the Molala team, you can rely on talking together.

Martin Vlček - Production & Audio engineer

When it comes to voice, music or sound production stuff, Martin is here to deal with it. He's got rich experiences, since he lived in music from his youth, he managed to produce or co-produce record and mix many projects, whether it's full albums, singles, or short jingles. No doubt he mastered his craft well and together with his second life of an active musician, this production stuff suits him pretty well. We call him the God of Sound!

Rostislav Běčák - Video producent & Creativ

The art of animating graphics is a burgeoning field and Rostislav is here at home. He's really important part of our team due to his Animation, Video and Photo editing skills. We live in a world where a 15-second YouTube ad should tell lifelong story. That's the universe where Rosťa shines. He's working hard to design every frame of client's videos with visuals that are fun, elegant and engaging. Rosťa is also editing videos for famous czech youtubers.

Michaela Krakovska - Designer & Graphic maker

Michaela graduated from School of Interior Design with experience in many branches of design focused on commercial, web and video design. Her role is to communicate and solve design issues with a client within various projects to prepare design details to the team through story board drawings to bring vision into reality. Her technical nature, paired with her long-time love and passion for painting and art, has paved the way for projects that suits client's view in every detail.

„Mít rád lidi a milovat lidi to je celé tajemství a snad jediný recept na štěstí.“ Jan Werich